Approach From The Front

This advice can be relevant in so many ways. When approaching while animals, emergency scenes, an angry spouse, etc)

In a sense, I want to explain it with your business.

What do I mean by “Approach It From The Front”?

Yesterday I had the co-founder of SamCart (Scott Moran) on my podcast. One of the questions I asked him was how SamCart came to be.

He explained that he and his brother had decided to get out of the daily grind jobs they were in and try the “online business world”. They were selling baseball training.

Listen To Scott Explain This –

During their experience, they found there were tools to do different parts of the online selling and delivery, but none that did all the steps well and cohesive!

So they decided to build the tool they wished was existing but wasn’t. Fast forward to today, they are still putting out features and functions that they feel they would want in the tool if they were doing their digital product business.

They look at the solution from a Customer User Experience and not from a technical software experience. They are approaching their business from the front.

This is how you need to look at everything you do. You commonly hear it as “view your business through your customer’s eyes”, while this is true, I challenge you to look at EVERYTHING this way in your business.

Invoicing, communication, meetings, etc. What is as frictionless as possible for your clients and make embrace it.

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