Stick To What You Enjoy

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Let me tell you about something I’ve been doing online since this past Christmas.

I’ve always had this weird sense of humour (yes with a U – It’s the Canadian way) when it comes to Dad jokes. So I decided to start posting a dad joke each day – now while I had the best intention for doing it daily, life didn’t always allow me to do that.

Regardless of my tardiness to the plan, I have been posting quite a few since then.

What I started to notice was that when I would have a lull in posts, I would get comments and messages from people saying how they missed them.

Then I would start to get tagged in other ones people say. My wall would get them posted on.

It began to take hold.

While I didn’t do this for any intention other than something I enjoyed and wanted to share the laughter, it is becoming what I’m being known for on my personal FB account.

This impromptu experience has proved something to me. That when you have consistency and passion combined in our content, you will gain a following.

Would I have had this kind of response if I was posting a mashup of different kinds of content? NO.

So think about what you’re doing in your professional practice with regards to your social media, email, text message marketing. Are you passionate and consistent?

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