The Myth: Content Marketing Doesn’t Work

Unfortunately, this myth has been traveling around for quite some time. It’s one that I believe stems from those who don’t actually do content marketing, they post content.

You see there is a big difference between just putting out content to put out content and creating content that serves a purpose, then releasing it.

A lot of times what happens is we don’t take the time to do our homework and ask the following questions.

  1. What struggles is my ideal audience dealing with right now?
  2. What questions do they have running through their head each day?
  3. What are they trying to ultimately remove from their life that would make it better?

I think starting there is a great stepping stone for beginning to understand the content you need to be putting out.

Today, I had a call with a fellow Keap Certified Partner because she had been having the same roadblock I was several years ago around packaging an offer. We had a great chat and she gave me the epiphany moment.

The solution I’m building is not around educating business owners about marketing automation, it’s about educating business owners about the areas of their business where they are losing money from missed opportunities, then giving them a simple way to close those gaps. My system will deliver upon that process and it just happens to be that marketing automation is the way in which that happens.

You see your content needs to connect, it needs to build a relationship and it needs to serve a purpose. A purpose that has a sole focus on improving one’s life.

Contrary to popular belief, in this current landscape, the ones that give away the most of their knowledge for free, are the ones that are sought after the most for the highest $.

In closing, think about your content, what purpose it serves and who is to be benefiting from it. If it’s you, then you’re doing it wrong, people will smell right through that. The BS radar will go off instantly.

I’d love to hear if you’ve had any challenges with your content creation. Message me or leave a comment with this content.

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