Independant Promotor Shaun Whynacht

I put this page together to make it easy for you to navigate placing orders for your Vi Shake mix.  I know there are many places you could order from. I hope that you decide to order through my link to show support for what I'm doing.

3 Steps To Ordering

Step 1:  

Register on my link for your own personal account    

Step 2:  

Set up your Auto Shipment to unlock your discounts.   Auto shipments start 30 days from set up and will only charge when shipped.    


Step 3:

If you need product now to unlock the discount before the Auto shipment date you need to order 3 Bags of shake mix or equal value.  You will find the price changes when you have added enough to your cart.      You can change product in your Auto ship if needed prior to shipment date


How To Become A Promotor

To become a promoter : 

Once your account is set up you will go to store and purchase membership .    It will prompt you to create your own personalized referral link.  You can use your name or anything else that is available.   You will then create your own link to send future clients to .   

If you need assistance in setting up your link, I can help.


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